Charleston Village

What's Nearby: Schools - Wake County Public School System (WCPSS)

Our local schools are some of the highest rated schools in Wake County, which is recognized as a national leader in education. Here are some national accolades over the last several years.

-Number 3 in Forbes Magazine's Best Education In the Biggest Cities (specific mention) (

-Number 1 in availability of educational resources in the 2000 edition of Places Rated Almanac, published by IDG Books Worldwide (per

-SAT scores continue to be above NC and US averages (

-NC Students Continue to Improve Advanced Placement Participation and Scores (

-Online Learning Report Shows N.C. Virtual Public School Second In the Nation In Enrollments (

-NC Again Leads Nation in National Board Certified Teachers (
-Nationally, WCPSS has the largest total number of NBCTs in a school district (

Many WCPSS students, teachers, individual schools, and the school system and programs rank very high nationally. For some of the latest accolades, visit and type "nation" in the search box.

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