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R S Fincher & Co., LLC

September 24, 2003



Dear Charleston Village Homeowner:


This letter is to introduce us to you as your community’s management company.   R S Fincher & Co., LLC, has been hired by the Charleston Village Board of Directors to assume community property managerial responsibilities for Charleston Village effective October 1, 2003.


Our primary purpose as a property management company is to assist in administering and coordinating the affairs of your community.   As a community management company, one of our main goals is to “make a difference” in your community and communication is very important to us.


Although the role of a management company is fundamentally administrative, the following is a summary of some of the services we will be providing, including a brief breakdown of the  administrative duties:


           We will be the main contact for concerns relative to the business of the Association/common areas.

           Oversee common area maintenance, landscaping, pool maintenance, and building/common area repairs, as approved by the Board

           Property/Community inspections to ensure compliance with covenants and rules of the community

           Communicate items of interest to the community via board newsletter, etc. - with Board approval (if applicable)

           Attend Board Meetings

           Coordinate and attend Annual Meeting

           Collect homeowner assessments, including any collection actions needed

           Maintain finances and associated records


We recognize that purchasing your home is one of the biggest investments you have made (if not the biggest), as well as the most important.  Therefore, we are committed to addressing concerns regarding your community in a timely manner.   Please feel free to call the above telephone number at any time.  If we are unable to be reached by telephone, please leave a message.  Our intention is to return calls within 48 hours; usually within 24 hours.  Should you feel an urgency, please page us at 873-8705.  We place great emphasis on communication, so you can expect us to be open and willing to work with you.


A common goal we can all share is for Charleston Village to be aesthetically pleasing and that you, as a homeowner, will be able to maintain property values while taking pride in your neighborhood.  Covenants and architectural standards were instituted in the early stages of development of Charleston Village and every property owner is required to adhere to the stipulations and guidelines contained in the governing documents of the community.  Each homeowner must receive written approval prior to making any changes, additions or deletions to the exterior of their home or property, including, but not limited to, fences, playsets, pet structures, pools, hot tubs, parking, storage buildings, major landscaping, painting, decks, patios, awnings, structural changes, lawn decorations, antennas, and lighting, etc.   Homeowners are responsible for the upkeep and tidy appearance of their lot.

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As Charleston Village homeowners, it is imperative for you to be familiar with the association’s restricted covenants and by-laws.  The Covenants are the same as contracting with the Association to live in accordance with these documents.  Therefore, if you are not familiar with these documents, it is your responsibility to become familiar with them.  Many times, this alleviates misunderstandings, be it an unapproved structure, fence, landscaping, recreational vehicle parking, satellite dish, etc.  It is part of our job to enforce compliance of the Covenants and By-Laws.  If you do not have a copy, please call our office.


Homeowners should send all Architectural Request forms to our office, effective immediately.  We also welcome you to drop by our office, if you prefer.  Our location is 315 South Salem Street, #500 B, Apex, NC – very close.  (We almost sit on the corner of 55 and Salem.)  Please refer to Charleston Village HOA web site at (Click on documents) for Architectural Request Form.


Remember: You are a member of the Association.  You are encouraged to take an active part in the Association’s affairs by serving on a committee or an elected capacity as a Board Member, when the opportunity arises.  Your willingness to give an opinion and to be open in communication is important to assist the Board and us, your management team, in protecting your property value and harmonious lifestyles.  We appreciate this opportunity to work with all of you and look forward to a long working relationship with you and your Board. 


Assessments for 2003 are $30.00 per Month and due on the first day of each month.  For your information, we do offer autodraft and for your convenience a form is enclosed and must be completed and a voided check must be attached to start autodraft.  If you are currently enrolled in autodraft, you will also need to fill out our form for this to continue.   Enclosed for your convenience are mailing labels so you may mail your payments directly to our office.  The October payments should be mailed to our office.  You may continue to use the current coupon booklet for this year.  You will receive new booklets in December.  Note:  If you have mailed your October payment to the former management company, they will most likely forward to our office.   If you have concerns, please call us.


Please review the address label on the envelope you received with this introductory letter and notify us of any misspellings or erroneous owner information.  If you and another person, be it spouse, parent, or partner, are joint owners of your home, please provide us their name for legal purposes.  These forms have proven vital in emergencies.  Again, if you have questions, please call. 



R S Fincher & Co., LLC



Sheri T. Fincher

Charleston Village Homeowners Association

Management Company


cc:        Charleston Village HOA


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